Friday, December 16, 2016

and Professional Voice Over Artist

Welcome to my blog, I am attempting to create a narrative of the trials and tribulations of attempting to become a successful audiobook narrator. I am sure my experience will appeal to male voice over and female voice over talents equally. I did create an account on Fiverr, johncx4voice. Fiverr is a place where anyone can hire a voice over online. The competition ranges from the Professional voice over Artist to the aspiring trying to enter the voice over industry. BTW, I never know which is the right term, voice over or voiceover, audio book or audiobook, not to mention is it voice over talent, voice over artist, or voice over actor? Hopefully, I will know soon, I’m counting my first sale as saying I am Professional Voice Over Artist. As it is, I did sell my first book as an audiobook narrator, so guess what… BOOM - Professional Audiobook Narrator!
I will include a guide to the right settings and tips for Audacity and will start working now on a list of recommended home studio audio gear. I would also like to do gear reviews. But let’s see how that goes.
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