Thursday, December 8, 2016

Visit My Page on ACX!

Visit My Page on ACX
Please visit my ACX Page. You will find some of my audition samples and more information. Thank You for your support!

ACX Projects in Progress:

I currently have in production:
Both books are by Robert Paine, he is such a great writer and has lots of books out. If you need to know anything about prepping, or want a great story, he is your guy!
This is exciting news for me:
My first audio book is published!!! If you are into Pokemon GO (or just like me) please go check out the book at your favorite audio book site! Here is a link to Audible -

 Now, I will be getting some Promo Codes in a few days and I will be giving them away on here so please check back for that! (It will prolly go to the ones that say, "Wow man! You are awesome!")


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